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    EDISONmama-Kids Micro-Nano Manual Toothbrush $15.26

    Game changer! Make those little teeth squeaky clean with no gum damage.

    EDISONmama-Kids Micro-Nano Manual Toothbrush

    Get your kids ready for a healthy smile with EDISONmama-Kids Micro-Nan! Our toothbrush is designed with more than 10,000 soft micro-nano bristles that penetrate the sulcus of the teeth and the gum line, removing stains without hurting delicate gums. With an ergonomically designed heart shape brush head, it makes those hard-to-reach corners easy to brush. Not only is it perfect for kids, but also expectant mothers, the elderly, and people who have sensitive teeth and gums. Get EDISONmama-Kids Micro-Nan today and give your

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